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Clean Agents

FM-200® Systems
They are internationally accepted as providing reliable and effective fire protection solutions for high value assets, processes and locations,as well as the people who work in these protected areas.

Electrically non-conductive, FM-200 works by removing heat from a fire so that combustion cannot be sustained; its unique characteristics also chemically inhibit re-ignition. When it comes to being safe for use, FM-200 delivers, which is why FM-200 systems are approved by LPCB and UL; the best solution where personnel safety and process continuity are paramount.

INERGEN® Fire Suppression Systems
INERGEN® systems protect enclosed areas where a quick reaction to a fire is required, where people may be present, where the propensity of fire outbreak is imminent day or night, and where collateral damage from conventional agents cannot be tolerated.

This environment-friendly, people-safe agent is of ZERO ozone depletion potential, ZERO global warming potential, and ZERO atmospheric life time.

what you get from the atmosphere is what you throw back when there is a fire threat and discharge.

Benefits of clean agents

  • Colourless, odourless, non-contaminating gaseous fire protection
  • Designed to protect critical assets and processes without damaging them
  • Safe to use in occupied areas
  • Proven in thousands of successful installations around the world
  • Quality & technical / service support

Applications of clean agents

  • Computer suites & data centres
  • Gas turbine enclosures
  • Offshore oil/gas exploration & production facilities
  • Telecommunications centres
  • Power generation
  • Marine
  • Museums, archives & data storage



Mechanical Companies

Oil/Gas Electrical Companies
Financial Institutions Engineering Consultants
Manufacturing Construction Industries

Our Philosophy
Understand & Define Client needs FOR THAT PROJECT i.e. project specific requirements & HOW it fits in WHOLE.
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